Automated Reporting


Telesero’s Automated Reporting gives you the reports you need, when you need them. Instead of pulling and running reports, Telesero pushes the reports to the desired user, at the needed time. Removing the possibility of human error, and ensuring that reports are always seen.

Performance Threshold

Push Notifications

Receive push notifications based on performance thresholds unique to your business. Telesero’s proprietary system will notify management when there is something outside of the normal metrics and let them know where, who and what to check. This allows management to proactively manage the workforce, not reactively adapt.

Employee Onboarding Portal

Increase training and employee onboarding efficiency. New employees are put through an interactive onboarding and training process given the necessary logins, training and gathering key information. Easily track and manage your workforce with Agent profiles based on performance metrics, picture and employee information. Decrease your training time, and cost by bringing Telesero’s employee portal to your business.

Conditional Script Builder

Give your agents the best tools to sell, and service your customers. With the Conditional Script Builder, businesses can build an interactive script that flows based on the Conditions set within your needs. Based on Questions, Objections and more, the script changes to show the agent only what they need to see. With an interactive form fill feature, agents can collect data along the entire call giving you the most value possible out of your data.

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